Exclusive Global PA services for U/HNWI’s and families, remotely, at home, abroad, or on location.




I have known Donna for 30 years. She is an efficient, responsible, dedicated professional with great integrity, grace and warmth. It is a pleasure to endorse Donna, her vision and commitment.  



Management and organization of family schedules

The Family PA is a unique global team of dedicated and highly experienced private Personal Assistants who specialize in the management and organization for high net worth families, celebrities and business people.

Whether a family is visiting another country, relocating, working overseas, or on location, The Family PA provides bespoke schedules that encompass the whole family’s needs.

Individualised educational, cultural and healthy lifestyle programs for families and their children

Our memorable programs are fun, creative, and uniquely distinctive, comprising of educational and cultural experiences, sporting and talent activities, entertainment and travel planning, all of which enhance personal development for each family member.



Enriching a child’s educational experience

Through our personable profiling consultation, we identify each child’s current educational level and stage of development, taking into account their individual interests, sporting attributes and musical talents, or learning/behavioural challenges, to create a highly personalized timetable for them.

Based on themes, culture or custom, we devise a comprehensive scheme of work with detailed lesson plans that encompass all core development areas spanning the physical, social and cognitive skill requirements.

Personalized lifestyle fitness programs for the whole family, (including babies to teenagers)

With decades of expertise in the health and fitness industry, ranging from training and sport conditioning, presenting, specialist areas in the physical development of children and joint hypermobility, The Family PA has a roster of the most elite personal fitness trainers, sports coaches and child development experts worldwide.

We create bespoke fitness programs for families remotely, on location, at home or on vacation, ensuring the highest quality of training, confidentiality and discretion at all times for our discerning clientele.

In partnership with



Hiring of accomplished international educators and elite household personnel

Encompassing careful and diligent personality profiling and screening, through personal recommendations and our trusted industry contacts, we source and hire the ultimate team of trustworthy household and educational personnel to meet each family’s needs.

Relocation services

Whether a family are relocating for a film project, business transfer, an international or local move to a new residence, the Family PA can assist and provide tailor made packages for all relocation requirements. From sourcing schools, colleges or universities for the children, elite household personnel, to realtor agents to find your perfect home and location, scheduling for the whole family, The Family PA strives for smooth, efficient transitions for all short and long-term relocations.

We pride ourselves on going the ‘extra mile’ at all times, to exceed the expectations and proficiency for every family member.


"I have known Donna for 30 years. She is an efficient, responsible dedicated professional with great integrity, grace and warmth. It is a pleasure to endorse Donna, her vision and her commitment."

− Henry Winkler – Actor, Director, Producer, Children’s Author

"It is my absolute pleasure to recommend working with or for Donna in any capacity. Over my time working with her, she has proven to be a resilient family PA, who elegantly managed a house full of sometimes divergent staff with total aplomb. The family she works for often breezes through their schedules without a kink, thanks to Donna's dedicated and tireless work. Donna is a steadfast, consummate professional and I would be honored to work with her again."

− Sigalit Magen – Nanny and professional, NYC

"I have known Donna since 1991. She consistently demonstrates a very high standard of professionalism and efficiency to her work. She is loyal with an excellent work ethic."

− Lee Lessack – President, LML music, Los Angeles

"I had the pleasure of working with Donna over a long period of time. Collaborating with her was pleasant, and enjoyable from the first day. She is a very kind and warm person and it was always amazing to meet with her. The process of getting things done was efficient and well managed. Donna's ability to organise everything made the project a huge success. Donna is both professional and fun to work with and I look forward to working with her again."

− Ortal Magen – Private Teacher, NYC

"We want to thank you again Donna, we are always pleased with the high quality of your work! and we look forward to working with you again."

− Ultra high net worth family (confidential)

"Donna hired me as a private teacher for a high net worth family in NYC, along with a whole team she built for the family’s requests. Working with Donna is a true pleasure. She maintains high standards of professionalism, without compromising, and takes care of all the family’s needs to the fullest. A family that will have Donna’s PA services will get no less than the best without a doubt. I had great privilege to work with an amazing, unique and professional woman like Donna, and I am always looking forward to working with her in the future."

− Nina Solomon – Private Teacher, NYC

"Donna is a wonderful and vibrant family PA. Her high organizational skills and efficiency made my working with her run exceptionally smooth. Any family would be lucky to have her as part of their team."

− Talia Magen – Nanny, NYC

Other services

  • Total Concierge Services 24/7
  • Global ticketing brokerage
    For sporting events, concerts, VIP hospitality and recreational bookings.
  • Security / Personal safety
    Executive protection, drivers, situational and personal safety training from the elite in this industry.
  • Smart homes / Home automation design
    Bespoke design and installation.
  • Property agents in London, New York and Los Angeles
    We partner with the leaders in the real estate market for distinguished and high profiled family’s and company relocations.

Donner Osher

Our story

Donna Osher, CEO of The Family PA has three decades of hands-on expertise in servicing the elite, the most discerning individuals and High Net Worth families, with extensive work with children of all ages in varying capacities.

Through her loyalty, confidentiality and epitome of discretion, Donna’s clients and ex employers from over the past three decades, remain as loyal and reputable as then, and have become personal and inspirational figures in both hers and her children’s lives.

The Family PA are a creative, energetic and dedicated team of professionals, with combined knowledge of a myriad of unique skills, focusing on all your Personal Assistant requirements.